Additional Hardware to Consider


Estimated Additional Costs for most packages


Cable and connectors for remote mounting of the kitchen printer, power strips for power connection, and other minor installation service about                     $   200.00


Optional additions applicable to most hardware packages and providers


Optional - Credit Card Interface Software is required if credit card integration is desired.  Purchase PC-Charge Payment Server software. Cost is about $250.


Optional - Letter size printer - price range from $100 or less to $500.00 or more depending on the options selected. A letter size printer is used for printing in-house reports. The printer that you select may also include a FAX and Copy capability and is priced in the mid price range quoted above.


Optional - Uninterruptible power supply for each workstation - priced at $49 - $150 each a good idea if you have a high volume store or live where intermittent power is a problem.


Optional - Caller ID interface box - price about $450 provides up to 8 lines of caller identification on workstations for take out ordering. Accolade software includes a caller id software interface at no additional charge but the hardware interface unit is required for operation.


Optional - Kitchen Display System (KDS) with remote label printer - This combo provides the hardware necessary to run the advanced Ready ‘N Fresh™ predictive software generally recommended for high volume To-Go stores.  - add additional workstation or computer/display unit (price depends on model selected but is about $1200), label printer $450, printer cable $25 additional wiring for network etc about $100.  No additional charge for Ready ‘N Fresh™ version software.


Optional - Telephone modem for credit card processing backup. Normal credit card processing travels over your internet connection. In case of internet failure or down time, an optional dialup modem may be employed - price for external modem unit is less than $140 depending on features. Some systems may be available with an internal modem card built in to the CPU unit.


Other options may include printer stands, paper supplies, or customer display units.

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